Tattoo or Necklace?

The laser cut jewelry "gives the pendant the appearance of a tattoo floating on the skin". The line is designed by Christina Cook, apparently she is new to the industry and currently selling her designs at Etsy. A rising star in the the future!


Zac Posen for Target Preview

Zac Posen for Target launches this Sunday, April 25 and everything is under $80. Horay! For some reason, I kept thinking Zac Posen was on sale last Sunday. No, the NY pop-up sale was last week, the official launch is this week! I kind of hate going to Target in LA, because all the Target stores far away from where I live. I went to Target anyway last week to check out Eugenia Kim and Cynthia Vincent's collections, I was too late, all the good stuffs were already gone. I guess I better wake up early this Sunday, before the good stuffs from Zac Posen are gone.

A preview from FabSugar:


Christian Louboutin in Wonderland

Christian Louboutin stunning Autumn/Fall 2010-11 collection photographs (or hand drawn?) by Khuong Nguyen. The photos are absolutely beautiful!!! They are inspired by Lewis Caroll's classic --Alice in Wonderland. There is one photo looks like the floating mountains from Avatar...anyone? LOVE!
All photos are from kyongnguyen.com and Styleite.com

Celebrity Style: Coachella 2010

Bring out your inner hippie!....or style.

images souce: zimbio.com & vogue.com

my inner "hippie":


Juicy Couture & Erin Fetherston

Juicy Couture has brought Erin Fetherston to guest design for JC until holiday 2011. Her designs will debut this holiday season. Personally I have never owned a piece of Juicy Couture clothing, they are just not really my style. However I do think JC's accessories are really cute, and I'm actually excited to see what the new Juicy designer will come up with.

From The Cut:
"She was probably brought on to get retailers excited about the line again. Nordstrom decided not to carry Juicy Couture apparel for fall, though they plan to still look at forthcoming collections and will carry accessories."

I am not too familiar with Erin Fetherston, her first collection seemed only debuted in holiday 08/09. After looking at all her designs on her website, I'm in love with them! Her line now only carries in certain boutiques and department stores in the states.

Some of the Fall/Winter 2010 from her own line:

images source: erinfetherston.com


Ridiculous or Stylish?

Talking about overpriced designers items, Balmain definitely fits the category. The prices of Balmain seriously do not make sense to me. Unless I am some sort of billionaire that has too much cash to burn, I wouldn't spend something on 1000X overpriced items. I came across this t-shirt on net a porter: A Balmain slashed army t-shirt that costs...$1625!!!!! Yes, $1625. The first reaction was "WTF???". It is a cotton t-shirt you probably can get from Target or something for $5, and Balmain sells it to people who wants to own a piece of really overpriced ripped t-shirt. Personally I think this is ridiculous. Why spend $1625 when you can make it yourself? When I was thinking who in the world would buy this, there I scrolled down the Choose Your Size...and size 6 and 8 already SOLD OUT. Bizarre.

Polyvore Sets: NY City Girl

Although I live in California, but I love the sophisticated and chic NY styles. Here are some polyvore sets I created inspired by New York.