Ridiculous or Stylish?

Talking about overpriced designers items, Balmain definitely fits the category. The prices of Balmain seriously do not make sense to me. Unless I am some sort of billionaire that has too much cash to burn, I wouldn't spend something on 1000X overpriced items. I came across this t-shirt on net a porter: A Balmain slashed army t-shirt that costs...$1625!!!!! Yes, $1625. The first reaction was "WTF???". It is a cotton t-shirt you probably can get from Target or something for $5, and Balmain sells it to people who wants to own a piece of really overpriced ripped t-shirt. Personally I think this is ridiculous. Why spend $1625 when you can make it yourself? When I was thinking who in the world would buy this, there I scrolled down the Choose Your Size...and size 6 and 8 already SOLD OUT. Bizarre.